How to Auto-Update Plugins

We are glad to announce that XYZ Theme is introducing its own Auto-Updater that will let you update the plugins downloaded from our website directly through your dashboard. For now this Auto-Updater is available for plugins(not for themes) only.

How to Download and Install XYZ Theme Auto Update Plugin

  • First of all download the XYZ Theme Auto Update plugin.
  • For the installation, go to your WordPress website and click on Plugin > Add New.
  • After uploading activate the plugin and then you will find XYZ Theme Dashboard.
  • Find the downloaded plugin in your laptop/PC/tab or other device’s Downloads folder and then upload and activate the plugin.
  • Clicking on the Dashboard will open a login page.
  • Enter your XYZ Theme login details here like Username and Password.
  • Click on Save Changes tab and the Status will change from Not Active to Activated.
  • Now to update the plugins downloaded from XYZ Theme, go to the Plugins page and check for the updates available.
  • If updates are available, then click on the update now option.


  • The number of plugins auto-updated via XYZ Theme Auto-Updater will also be counted under your daily download limit.
  • The product you want to auto-update should have an Auto Update Available Status  as “Yes”. To check this, you need to go to that specifc product page in our website.
  • If you find any error or problem regarding this auto-updater plugin, then you can create a ticket explaing your problem.


Your WordPress website should have WordPress version 5.3.2 or more and PHP version 7.2 or more. For now the WordPress Multi-sites are not supported.