We are glad to announce that XYZ Theme is introducing its own Auto-Updater that will let you update the plugins downloaded from our website directly through your dashboard. For now this Auto-Updater is available for plugins(not for themes) only.

Steps for the Installation and Download of the Auto-Updater

  • Click on the link provided below to download the XYZ Theme Auto-Updater plugin.
  • For the installation, go to your WordPress website and click on Plugin > Add New.
  • Find the downloaded plugin in your laptop/PC/tab or other device’s Downloads folder and activate the plugin.
  • Once the activation is done, then click on the XYZ Theme > Dashboard.
  • Clicking on the Dashboard will open a login page.
  • Enter your XYZ Theme login details here like Username and Password.
  • Click on Save Changes tab and the Status will change from Not Active to Activated.
  • Now to update the plugins downloaded from XYZ Theme, go to the Plugins page and check for the updates available.
  • If updates are available, then click on the update now option.
  • Once the plugin is updated, then click on the Download zip option.


  • The number of plugins auto-updated via XYZ Theme Auto-Updater will also be counted under your daily download limit.
  • The product you want to auto-update should have an Auto Update Available Status  as “Yes”. To check this, you need to go to that specifc product page in our website.
  • If you find any error or problem regarding this auto-updater plugin, then you can create a ticket explaing your problem.


Your WordPress website should have WordPress version 5.3.2 or more and PHP version 7.2 or more. For now the WordPress Multi-sites are not supported.

Now, we have added Stripe Payment option to your Website. Now you can buy products using Credit Cards Also.

If you want to modify your order then you can contact us thorugh support. 

Once you have used our product then no refunds will be available.

Now We are not going to provide any refunds for Membership Plans. 

Recently we have experienced a sudden increase in the users who are downloading our products in large number and selling them in other GPL websites. They are reselling these products in as low as $10 with unlimited downloads per month. By doing so they are opening the backdoors and malwares for your website. Due to this reason, we are introducing some new changes in our policy.

  • Users with Monthly/Lifetime Membership are restricted to 12 downloads per day.
  • Users with Quarterly/Half Yearly Membership are restricted to 15 downloads per day.
  • Users with Yearly Membership are restricted to 18 downloads per day.
  • We don’t provide any Reseller Membership plan.
  • Same product(For ex- Product XYZ) downloaded ‘n’ number of times will be counted as one in daily download limit. (n=0 to 100..)
  • Users can go to My Account > Plans, to check out your daily credit limits.

If the existing users found leeching products from our website and reselling them on other GPL websites, then their account will be deactivated. In this case, no refund will be provided to the user.

Now We are not going to provide any refunds for Membership Plans. 

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